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aptitude search gnome|grep

gir1.2-gnomebluetooth-1.0 – Introspection data for GnomeBluetooth

gir1.2-gnomekeyring-1.0 – GNOME keyring services library – introspec

gnome – Full GNOME Desktop Environment, with extra

gnome-accessibility-themes – Accessibility themes for the GNOME desktop

gnome-applets – Various applets for the GNOME panel – bina

gnome-applets-data – Various applets for the GNOME panel – data

gnome-backgrounds – Set of backgrounds packaged with the GNOME

gnome-bluetooth – GNOME Bluetooth tools

gnome-brave-icon-theme – blue variation of the GNOME-Colors icon th

gnome-cards-data – data files for the GNOME card games

gnome-color-manager – Color management integration for the GNOME

gnome-colors-common – common icons for all GNOME-Colors icon the

gnome-common – common scripts and macros to develop with

gnome-contacts – Contacts manager for GNOME

gnome-control-center – utilities to configure the GNOME desktop

gnome-control-center-data – configuration applets for GNOME – data fil

gnome-core – GNOME Desktop Environment — essential com

gnome-desktop-data – Common files for GNOME desktop apps

gnome-desktop-environment – The GNOME Desktop Environment – transition

gnome-desktop3-data – Common files for GNOME desktop apps

gnome-dictionary – GNOME dictionary application

gnome-disk-utility – manage and configure disk drives and media

gnome-doc-utils – collection of documentation utilities for

gnome-documents – Document manager for GNOME

gnome-font-viewer – font viewer for GNOME

gnome-games – games for the GNOME desktop

gnome-games-data – data files for the GNOME games

gnome-games-extra-data – games for the GNOME desktop (extra artwork

gnome-icon-theme – GNOME Desktop icon theme

gnome-icon-theme-extras – GNOME Desktop icon theme (additional icons

gnome-icon-theme-gartoon – Gartoon icon theme for GTK+ 2.x

gnome-icon-theme-nuovo – Dropline Nuovo icon theme for GTK+ 2.x

gnome-icon-theme-suede – Suede icon theme for GTK+ 2.x

gnome-icon-theme-symbolic – GNOME desktop icon theme (symbolic icons)

gnome-icon-theme-yasis – YASIS (Yet Another Scalable Icon Set)

gnome-js-common – Common modules for GNOME JavaScript interp

gnome-keyring – GNOME keyring services (daemon and tools)

gnome-mag – a screen magnifier for the GNOME desktop

gnome-media – GNOME media utilities

gnome-media-common – GNOME media utilities – common files

gnome-menus – GNOME implementation of the freedesktop me

gnome-mime-data – base MIME and Application database for GNO

gnome-nettool – network information tool for GNOME

gnome-online-accounts – GNOME Online Accounts

gnome-orca – Scriptable screen reader

gnome-packagekit – Graphical distribution neutral software ma

gnome-packagekit-data – Data files for graphical distribution neut

gnome-panel – launcher and docking facility for GNOME

gnome-panel-data – common files for the GNOME Panel

gnome-power-manager – power management tool for the GNOME deskto

gnome-rdp – remote desktop client for GNOME

gnome-screensaver – GNOME screen saver and locker

gnome-screenshot – screenshot application for GNOME

gnome-search-tool – GNOME tool to search files

gnome-session – GNOME Session Manager – GNOME 3 session

gnome-session-bin – GNOME Session Manager – Minimal runtime

gnome-session-canberra – GNOME session log in and log out sound eve

gnome-session-common – GNOME Session Manager – common files

gnome-session-fallback – GNOME Session Manager – GNOME fallback ses

gnome-settings-daemon – daemon handling the GNOME session settings

gnome-shell – graphical shell for the GNOME desktop

gnome-shell-common – common files for the GNOME graphical shell

gnome-shell-extensions – Extensions to extend functionality of GNOM

gnome-sudoku – Sudoku puzzle game for GNOME

gnome-sushi – sushi is a quick previewer for nautilus

gnome-system-log – system log viewer for GNOME

gnome-system-monitor – Process viewer and system resource monitor

gnome-system-tools – Cross-platform configuration utilities for

gnome-terminal – GNOME terminal emulator application

gnome-terminal-data – Data files for the GNOME terminal emulator

gnome-themes – official themes for the GNOME desktop

gnome-themes-extras – extra themes for the GNOME desktop

gnome-themes-standard – Standard GNOME themes

gnome-themes-standard-data – Data files for GNOME standard themes

gnome-tweak-tool – tool to adjust advanced configuration sett

gnome-user-guide – GNOME user’s guide

gnome-user-share – User level public file sharing via WebDAV

gnome-video-effects – GNOME Video Effects

guile-gnome2-glib – Guile bindings for GLib

guile-gnome2-gtk – Guile bindings for GTK+, libglade, Pango a

libgnome-bluetooth10 – GNOME Bluetooth tools – support library

libgnome-bluetooth7 – GNOME Bluetooth tools – support library

libgnome-desktop-2-17 – Utility library for loading .desktop files

libgnome-desktop-3-2 – Utility library for loading .desktop files

libgnome-keyring-common – GNOME keyring services library – data file

libgnome-keyring0 – GNOME keyring services library

libgnome-keyring1.0-cil – CLI library to access the GNOME Keyring da

libgnome-mag2 – screen magnification library for the GNOME

libgnome-media-profiles-3.0-0 – GNOME Media Profiles library

libgnome-media0 – runtime libraries for the GNOME media util

libgnome-menu-3-0 – GNOME implementation of the freedesktop me

libgnome-menu2 – GNOME implementation of the freedesktop me

libgnome-speech7 – GNOME text-to-speech library

libgnome-window-settings1 – Utility library for getting window manager

libgnome2-0 – The GNOME library – runtime files

libgnome2-canvas-perl – Perl interface to the GNOME canvas library

libgnome2-common – The GNOME library – common files

libgnome2-perl – Perl interface to the GNOME libraries

libgnome2-vfs-perl – Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GN

libgnomecanvas2-0 – powerful object-oriented display engine –

libgnomecanvas2-common – powerful object-oriented display engine –

libgnomekbd-common – GNOME library to manage keyboard configura

libgnomekbd4 – GNOME library to manage keyboard configura

libgnomekbd7 – GNOME library to manage keyboard configura

libgnomeui-0 – GNOME user interface library – runtime fil

libgnomeui-common – GNOME user interface library – common file

libgnomevfs2-0 – GNOME Virtual File System (runtime librari

libgnomevfs2-common – GNOME Virtual File System (common files)

libgnomevfs2-extra – GNOME Virtual File System (extra modules)

libpam-gnome-keyring – PAM module to unlock the GNOME keyring upo

libreoffice-gnome – office productivity suite — GNOME integra

libsoup-gnome2.4-1 – HTTP library implementation in C — GNOME

network-manager-gnome – network management framework (GNOME fronte

policykit-1-gnome – GNOME authentication agent for PolicyKit-1

python-gnome2 – Python bindings for the GNOME desktop envi

python-gnomedesktop – Python bindings for the GNOME desktop libr

python-gnomekeyring – Python bindings for the GNOME keyring libr

task-gnome-desktop – GNOME desktop environment

vim-gnome – Vi IMproved – enhanced vi editor – with GN

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